Monday October 17th, 2016- Weekly Schedule and Notes for Families

The big event this week is student led conferences. It's the end of the first quarter and students are excited to share their evidence/work samples and leadership notebooks.


Wednesday October 19th, 2016- Box Tops are due- You can continue saving after this date and we will collect again in February

*The K-2 and 3-5 class that collects the most box tops will receive a class sno-cone party!

Wednesday October 19th, 2016- 1st Grade Visits the Pumpkin Patch and they will eat lunch there

*The school has sack lunches available

Thursday October 20th, 2016- No School for Kindergarten

Friday October 21st, 2016- No School for K-5


There is no after school program this week. After school staff will be involved with training. We do have before school.   We have a family note going home this week:

Family Note Front Side
Family Note Back Side With Upcoming Dates

Our Annual Move-a-Thon will be on Thursday October 27th. This is our big fundraiser of the school year and all money raised goes towards updating the school playground. We encourage families to attend and support students, and students can wear Halloween costume pieces:

Move-a-Thon Information

We really need help with tardies. School starts at 8:15 am. When students are late to school it disrupts the entire classroom. The teacher has to stop and assist the late child with getting caught up.

We want you to be involved at school! Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or any other supportive family member. You matter! The front office is always open and eager to hear how you would like to be involved, what your interests and talents are, areas for our school to grow, and how to build the leadership of our families. We appreciate you! family-involvement-1