Monday November 7th, 2016- Weekly Schedule and Notes for Families

Thank you to all the families that participated with the annual Move-a-Thon. We're still counting money, and will have a final amount to report soon. All money raised goes towards updating the playground!
It's a pretty quiet week:
Wednesday November 9th, 2016- We have a My First Books grant, and a librarian from the Twin Falls public library visits every month. She visits every Preschool and Kindergarten classroom, and every student receives a free book during the monthly visit!
We had a lock-down practice last week. Students and staff did a great job, as well as the school resource officers who assisted. We'd hope that nothing ever happens at our school, but we practice just in case there is ever a concern. This article is a nice reference for how to talk with kids about lock-downs:

Talking with Kids about a Lock-Down