Friday November 11th, 2016- Pictures This Week

The highlight this week was recognizing our Veteran's.
We have many things to be thankful for because of the sacrifices that they have given for us.


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This young lady has a leadership role in her class, as a teacher's assistant.
Future teacher!
She loves beginning with the end in mind as she assists her peers with reaching their goals.


Kindergarten students are leaders, finding their voice, and practicing skills with their teacher wherever there is an opportunity.


First grade students are practicing addition and subtraction skills, and using their math tools!

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We enroll new students every week.
This young man is a leader!
He was leading a tour in both Swahili and English, as he explained classroom and school items.

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Every student Pre/K-5th attends a STEM class.
Here are fourth grade students conducting research and inquiry with food items.

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Students who attend class with Mrs. Nail learned about different fruits.
Singing and find your voice!


This young lady was so proud to walk down the hall to the office, and she read a book she had been practicing.
Beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first!


Second grade students have been researching biomes and different habitats, and integrating devices.
Beginning with the end in mind!

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A very popular school wide leadership role is Kindergarten Leader.
This young lady from third grade is a leader who reads!


It might be November, but Kindergarten is still learning about pumpkins.
They integrate STEM with speaking and listening skills, reading, writing, and math!

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