Saturday November 19th, 2016- Pictures This Week

We are beginning with the end in mind, as students and staff worked towards goals this week.
Students in third grade have been increasing their fluency with addition and subtraction, as well as spreading kindness as they assisted peers.
Thin Win-Win!

20161116_112006   20161116_111930

Kindergarten students practiced their singing parts for the upcoming all school Winter Concert.


Choir students practiced for the Winter Concert as they sang at several care centers.
Second grade students have been practicing leadership skills as they lead their classrooms to activities like specials during the day.
Students have been learning about inquiry and researching during their weekly STEM class, as they are preparing for the Spring Science/Invention Fair.
Kindergarten students tested the strength of arches and discussed bridges, with eggs. Second grade students learned about fossils. Fourth grade students researched the question about whether playdough was a good conductor for electricity.


20161115_085751    20161115_085735

20161115_085709    20161115_085637


20161117_131649    20161117_131514

20161117_131508    20161117_131447


Fourth grade students have been learning about Idaho History, as they prepare for their Spring Boise field trip.

332816_img_19001-jpg    333337_img_18971-jpg

333315_img_18981-jpg    333285_img_18991-jpg

Here is a young man in third grade assisting a peer with math skills.
Being proactive!

img_2642     img_2641

Students in third grade practiced speaking and listening skills as they shared their research presentations.

img_2644-1    img_2643-1

Leaders sharpen the saw!

20161118_103713   20161118_103708


Winter arrived this week!
We had a very kind grandma donate several hats and scarves that she had knitted. We also had kind people in the community donate gloves to our students.
A big thank you!

 20161116_151752    20161116_134721


20161116_134630    20161116_134440

Students in Kindergarten have been building a caring community in their classroom.
They used synergy as they made a plan, beginning with the end in mind, to create a teepee with only one piece of paper and one long piece of tape.
Seeking first to understand, then to be understood!

img_2949    img_2947

img_2946    img_2945

img_2944    img_2936

img_2937    img_2939

img_2940    img_2941

We ended the week with Thanksgiving Lunch, and wearing college shirts and sweatshirts.
Thank you to all the families that came to eat lunch!

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