Tuesday January 3rd, 2017- Pictures This Week, Weekly Schedule, and Notes for Families

A big thank you to all the families that assisted with Christmas parties, provided treats, donated food and Christmas gifts, and or came to Christmas lunch! Our kids are very much loved at Harrison. The line was long at Christmas lunch, but that just shows a lot of loving and supportive friends and family members. Enjoy the Christmas and holiday break with your friends and family, and make sure to sharpen the saw.


It's a short week when we start back in January, with no special activities or events.

We have several great pictures from the last week of school in December.


We celebrated our December student leaders.



Mrs. Anderson started after school tutoring, and it is open to all fourth grade students. It's been a full classroom.

Putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind!

38423_img9520121-jpg    38387_img9520091-jpg




We had special treats throughout the week.

Here are office leaders helping to count out peppermint candies for every classroom.

img_20161212_101340_427    img_20161212_101326_914


We had chickens come to visit.



We had a group compete with Robotics, the Team Huskies.



Students that attend class with Mrs. Kenyon, and the awesome para-professionals in her classroom, decorated Christmas cookies.

20161214_132644    20161214_132315


Mrs. Thomason's classroom was the winner of a sno-cone party for bringing in the most box tops for K-2 grades.

It might be Winter and cold outside, but the treat was delicious!

20161213_092531    20161213_092522

20161213_092500    20161213_092456


We had Christmas lunch with friends and families.

 A big thank you to our fifth grade leaders for assisting with serving lunch!

Being proactive!


20161214_112755    20161214_112422


We had snow, snowballs, and synergy!




Santa came to visit.

20161214_102900    20161214_101055



First grade students practiced writing with spaceman spacers and math with rekenreks.


20161214_093145    20161214_093128


We had fun Christmas parties in Kindergarten.

Sharpen the saw!

20161214_093440    20161214_093428


We ended the week, and the second quarter, with Sharpen the Paw.

We had art, STEM, and so many great experiences and opportunities!

 A big thank you to all our big kids for spreading kindness as they assisted our little ones.

20161215_100609    20161215_100558

20161215_093748     20161215_093729

20161215_093638     20161215_093629

img_3255     img_3256



20161215_093618    20161215_093624



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img_3241    img_3242

img_3244     img_3245

img_3246     img_3247



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img_3239     img_3240




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