Friday January 20th, 2016- Pictures This Week

Students and staff are preparing for our annual Leadership Day.

Students helped address and mail invitations.



Students and staff are getting ready for our first Spring Musical.

Students posted flyers about tryout information.



Fifth grade students practiced grammar and ELA skills with collaborative google docs.

The same shared document on the chromebooks of every student, and the front board, so everybody could refer to it through whole class and partner discussions.

20170119_085803     20170119_085529


We had our Spelling Bee and recognized winners from every grade level 1st-5th.

20170117_154719     20170117_083015


During STEM class, first grade students learned about mass and measured bounces of balls.

20170117_125459     20170117_125530


During Math, second grade students practiced learning about place value and working within 1000.


20170117_105613     20170117_105530


We love our friends who check on us, to make sure we are understanding math concepts!



This picture from Ms. Shea's classroom has two groups.

One group is practicing math number sense, and one group is working on individual goals.



Students in Kindergarten are practicing reading sight words, with movement.



During morning meeting, Kindergarten students discussed leadership.

IMG_3675     IMG_3674 (1)


We celebrated Friday Fun last week, but this is a great picture from 'dress like your favorite character from a book.'

These are the characters Alex and Conner Bailey from the book series "The Land of Stories."