Friday February 3rd, 2017- Pictures This Week

We started the week by recognizing our January student leaders.

We also recognized our January staff Oscars, and office leaders helped pass out statues and spread kindness with Kind granola bars.


20170130_113844    20170130_113712


We recognized our January Family of the Month, with the student lighthouse team.

We love volunteers!

20170203_142244    20170203_083834


We have flexible seating in classrooms, and we have flexible seating in the office area.

Students have been busing moving furniture to fit their needs, as they have applied for school wide jobs.

Being Proactive!

20170131_150537    20170131_101743


Here are breakfast leaders assisting with preparing the breakfast in the classroom tubs.



Kindergarten students learned about different careers during their ELA lessons this week.

A big thank you to all the families that shared!

IMG_3791     IMG_3785

IMG_3778     IMG_3786

IMG_3784     IMG_3776

IMG_3768     IMG_3769 (1)



Students and staff synergized to create a mural and prepare for Leadership Day.

Sharpen the saw with our preschool singers!


IMG_4457 (1)      IMG_4456


 Fourth grade students did an awesome job sharing their online leadership notebooks.

Beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first!



School store leaders sold candy this week.



Students have been attending tutoring after school, and homework study groups with the after school program.

20170201_155828     20170201_155801




Students in the after school program started the cooking smart class, as they made fruit and yogurt parfaits.

Yummy, with synergy!

20170131_163915    20170131_163850

20170131_163834    20170131_163802


Kindergarten students practiced speaking and listening skills as they read poems that they wrote.

IMG_3824     IMG_3820

IMG_3819     IMG_3816