Friday September 15th, 2017- Pictures This Week

A big thank you to CSI, DECA students, and Mrs. Dianne Jolovich!

5th Grade students created powerpoints for different picnic table proposals. They did an awesome job presenting and answering questions.

CSI DECA students posed questions for each proposal. With the help of CSI welding students, 3 picnic tables will be built for Harrison.

Finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs!


1st Grade students has been learning about measurement in Math, and 3rd Grade students have been learning about centimeters in Math.



We love when our PE teacher helps in the classroom!


Students have been learning about inquiry, investigations, experiments, making a hypothesis, and synergy as they have attended their weekly STEM classes.

We had students on a deserted island creating protection from the sun and other elements with our 3rd Grade students, as they learned about survival and habitats.

We had rockets with our 1st Grade students, as they learned about vibrations and sounds.

Kindergarten students learned about the effects of different strengths, as objects move and interact with each other.






We have writers in 1st Grade!

Students have been learning about circle maps and bubble maps.

Beginning with the end in mind!



We had a special guest in Kindergarten, with magic tricks!