Friday September 29th, 2017- Pictures This Week

We celebrated our August/September student leaders this week.

These students are great examples of leaders.

Finding their voice and inspiring others to find theirs!



Second grade students have been practicing measurement skills this week.

Think win win and synergy!



It was free choice time at the preschool, and this young man jumped right in the teacher's chair.

He was singing, had actions, and the class was following him- Just like he had seen his teacher.

Finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs!


We love our classroom buddies!

Fifth grade students helped second grade students this week.

They were practicing leadership skills, reading, writing, and circle maps.

Beginning with the end in mind!




We learned about habit 6 and synergy this week.

This young man from Kindergarten was super excited to come to school and share his shirt.


Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students have been practicing reading and writing skills during intervention time.

Putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind!




Every Thursday Ms. Shea's classroom invites classroom leaders to assist with art projects.

Students love having all the extra friends in their classroom.

Synergy and think win win!



The before and after school programs have several fun learning opportunities for students.

Students in the after school program started the Cooking Matters class this week.

Students prepared a yummy peanut butter whole wheat tortilla wrap with cut up fruit and vegetables.