Friday October 13th, 2017- Pictures This Week

It was a busy week of fun learning opportunities!


Third grade students in Ms. Blair's classroom practiced place value and solving equations.



First grade students practiced reading skills during their ELA intervention classes.



We had blanket kits donated by Joann's Craft Store.

We have service leaders that meet once a week after school.

They completed the blankets for people in our community.

Sharpen the saw!




Students in the after school program practiced STEM skills as they attended robotics classes.





Students in Mrs. Schroeder's classroom practiced vocabulary words.




Students in Ms. Jolovich's classroom learned about Columbus Day.



We recognized our August/September Staff Oscars.

Student leaders helped to say thank you.


Students who attend the after school program practiced dance skills.


Fifth grade students who participated with the Great Cardboard Challenge, invited their families to view the presentation of their inventions.

A big thank you to all the families that participated with the games!



We recognized our August/September Family of the Month.

A big thank you to the Hanks family!

You will be missed at Harrison as you transition to Rock Creek.


Third grade students attended their weekly STEAM class.

Students practiced self affirmation as they practiced using synergy.




We had our once a month fun day, with a mismatch day.

We love our staff at Harrison!


We ended the week, and we ended the first quarter, with Sharpen the Paw.

Students and staff were so busy having fun with several learning opportunities, we only have a few pictures.

Sharpen the saw!