Friday October 27th, 2017- Pictures This Week

We celebrated our October student leaders of the month.


We had a student lighthouse meeting with our new members who recently applied and interviewed.


5th Grade Kindergarten leaders love to spend time assisting Kindergarten students with literacy skills.

Being Proactive!


2nd Grade students practiced writing skills with their 5th Grade buddies.

Beginning with the end in mind!



Students in the after school program practiced their half moon pose during their yoga class.

Sharpen the saw!




2nd Grade students created Halloween art with their 5th Grade buddies.




Our little ones are practicing volleyball skills with balloons, beach balls, and volleyballs.

Sharpen the saw!



Kindergarten students practiced Math skills.



We ended the week with a kick off assembly for our Lead-a-Thon.

Student lighthouse team members explained how to be a leader.

A big thank you to our school district tech coach for participating in the student skit!