Saturday November 18th, 2017- Pictures This Week

We had our annual Thanksgiving Lunch this week.

A big thank you to all the families that attended!

A big thank you to the staff of Rivercrest Apartments! They were so kind as they shared their time, serving food and visiting with our kids that they knew.




This week may have been colder outside, but that didn't hinder our future engineers.

Fifth grade students used different bricks in their Engineering For the 3 Little Pigs STEM lesson.




Kindergarten and First Grade students have been making quilts, as they have been learning about shapes in Math.

Our music teacher brought real quilts to share with Kindergarten.




Fifth grade and Second grade classroom buddies continued their practicing of writing skills as they wrote about items that they were thankful for.

Students shared their writing with the class, and it was impressive to see the confidence!

Beginning with the end in mind and Finding your voice!


We have a talented staff member who is one of our new ESL paras.

She has been making dolls for students when it is their birthday.


Our student lighthouse team gave a tour to special guests.


Learning is everywhere!

Students have been practicing ELA and Math skills with devices,

and they love learning with their friends.



Kindergarten students have been learning about shapes during Math.