Friday January 12th, 2018- Pictures This Week

It's 2018, we started the third quarter of school, and new goals were everywhere.


Third grade students in Ms. Blair's classroom had team WIG's for reading posted on their desks, as well as positive words of affirmation.



Kindergarten students have been using chromebooks more,

as they are getting ready for first grade.

Students were practicing reading and literacy skills.

Beginning with the end in mind!



We welcomed two new teachers.

Here is our new 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Straubhaar.


Classrooms strive to integrate Science frequently.

Students in Mrs. Kenyon's classroom got to feel and learn about a snake skin.


Kindergarten students learned about simple machines during their weekly STEM class.





Kindergarten students have been singing to cuddly teddy bears.


Our before school and after school programs have such awesome learning activities.

Sharpen the saw!

Students have been learning about robotics, sewing, finger knitting, messy art, creative art, video production and multimedia skills, dance and movement, singing, and more

Students have been practicing speaking and listening skills, learning how to work with others and with diverse groups, self-regulation skills, and more.