Friday January 19th, 2018- Pictures This Week

January is half way through the school year.

All students are completing assessments this month.

Here are two students practicing and patiently waiting for their turn to test for the IRI, Idaho Reading Indicator.


We have a new 3rd grade teacher.

A big thank you and welcome to Ms. Wilkins!


We always have new students enrolling at our school.

The service leaders welcomed two young men this week,

and we love having them.



These young ladies in fifth grade planned and created a fun theme for their hallway bulletin board.

They have a different question for every week, all the way through the end of the school year.

Be Proactive!


This young man from second grade saw a need with our lost and found area.

He applied for the leadership job and the area looks awesome and so organized!

Be proactive!


Kindergarten has been learning how to use chromebooks as a tool for their learning.

Getting ready for first grade!