Friday February 2nd, 2018- Pictures This Week

We recognized our January student leaders of the month.


A big thank you to 208 Real Estate!

They donated cleaning wipes and tissues!


A big thank you to CSI's Bird Beak Lab for visiting with our third grade students!

They brought stuffed birds, provided hands on learning about beaks, and it all tied to the weekly Reading and Writing lesson about adaptations.



Students are preparing for our annual Leadership Day.

This young man from our student lighthouse team helped to address invitations.


Choir students had a field trip to local care centers.

Sharpen the saw!




We had some older looking students this week.

It was the 100th day of school!


Students who attend the After School program practiced acting and communication skills, team work skills, knitting, and inside tennis.

Sharpen the saw!




A friendship leader welcomed a new student.

Be proactive!