Friday February 9th, 2018- Pictures This Week and Leadership Day

Leaders strive to spread kindness.

School can be exhausting, and this young lady in Kindergarten was so kind as she held the hand of her friend.

Be proactive!


The big event this week was our annual Leadership Day.

A big thank you to all our community people who attended!

A big thank you to Clif Bar for the snacks!


Fifth grade students helped to set up.




Crossing guard leaders helped people walk safely,

and Kindergarten students helped welcome guests.



Students leaders were excited to be help sign guests in and lead them to the gym.


Preschool students welcomed guests with great singing.



Scouts led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Third grade shared personal examples of leaders in their family, and then sang.



First grade students explained the leadership habits.



Fifth grade students shared a gallery walk of posters and examples of how they use the leadership habits in their own lives.





Kindergarten students shared how to say 'I am a Leader' in different languages.

All of the students then shared in English: We are leaders.

Students then shared lap books that had personal examples for each of the leadership habits.








Fourth grade students shared research about an important leader in Idaho history.


Second grade students described different classroom and school leadership roles/jobs.