Friday February 23rd, 2018- Pictures This Week

We had a short week.

First grade students learned about US Presidents, particularly Lincoln and Washington, to recognize President's Day.


One of our school wide goals, WIG's, is to reduce the number of tardies for each day.

Here is a young lady in first grade keeping track of her classroom's data for the day.

Begin with the end in mind!


A big thank you to Birds of Prey for visiting with our first grade students!



We love our classroom buddies!

Fifth grade students assisted second grade students with their chromebooks and research.

Students learned short cuts and different tools.

Think win win!



Kindergarten students learned about conducting investigations and cause and effect during their weekly STEAM class.




The Robert Stuart choir visited with our fifth grade students.

Sharpen the saw!



We ended the week with first and third grade students completing a STEM activity together, to learn about motion and speed.

Students created skiers to race,

a proper match to the Olympics currently occurring.