Friday April 6th, 2018- Pictures This Week

We recognized our March student leaders of the month.

Finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs!



Fourth and Fifth grade students performed during the Spring Recorder Concert.

Beginning with the end in mind!



Third grade students have been researching, designing, and creating bridges during their weekly STEAM class.

Synergy and beginning with the end in mind!



We have a new leadership academy during afternoon recess.

Students are learning skills to help themselves become better leaders.

Be proactive!


First grade students have been learning about shadows during their weekly STEAM class, with gnomes.


These two young ladies from first grade chose to spend their recesses on Friday applying for school wide leadership jobs.

Finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs!


Every Thursday we have student leaders leading in Ms. Shea's classroom for a fun art lesson.

Sharpen the saw!



The big event this week was the girls activity: Fancy Nancy and Your Favorite Ned.

A big thank you to all the families that participated!

Sharpen the saw!