Friday October 5th, 2018- Pictures This Week

We had three staff members participate with the annual Idaho Scratch for Schools event.

Sharpen the saw!


Students have been learning during the academic time of the after school program.

Putting first things first!


Every student kindergarten-fifth grade has the opportunity to practice Math and ELA skills with Istation, both at home and at school.

Third grade recognized students for growth, since school started in August.



Classroom donations for one free monthly book from Scholastic books continues.

A big thank you to all the donations!


Service leaders made signs advertising upcoming school events and leadership roles students can apply for.

Be proactive!


Fall weather can be unpredictable. We had warm sunny days this week, rain, and cold mornings.

When it's warm, the bubbles come out!



Every first Tuesday of the month is Tie Tuesday.


We had interviews for our student lighthouse team.


Students have an enrichment time during the after school program.