Friday December 14th, 2018- Pictures This Week

We have a school news group that has been learning how to make videos and they love using our new green room.


Second grade students attended their weekly STEAM class.

They made back scratchers from everyday items.


We had our monthly breakfast with books and recognized readers of the month.

Thank you to all the families that attended!



Choir students visited care centers and sang beautiful Christmas songs.


Third grade students have been learning researching skills & writing skills.



Fifth Grade students have been learning how to play songs with the recorder.


We had fun Christmas dress up theme days.

Friday was to dress up like a character from the Grinch movie.




Students in Ms. Shea’s classroom had a fun learning event for families.



We ended the week with students meeting their pen pals from

Canyon Ridge.

The student lighthouse team helped greet and show students the classrooms.