Friday April 5th, 2019- Pictures This Week

Students have been applying for school wide leadership roles.

Be proactive!


Choir students sang at care centers in our local community.

Sharpen the saw!



After school students practiced engineering skills as they created prosthetic arms, hands, and fingers.

Begin with the end in mind!


Fourth and Fifth grade students performed a beautiful recorder concert.




April Friday fun was dress fancy/professional.


Second grade students with Mrs. Brand completed biography reports, researched, STEAM with creative arts, and practiced speaking and listening skills.

Begin with the end in mind and Put first things first!




A big thank you to Snake River Seed Cooperative for donating seeds for our school garden and front yard!


We recognized our March leaders of the month.

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs!

A big thank you to The Habit!


We came back from Spring Break and enjoyed a wonderful Spring concert.

Sharpen the saw!