Friday August 30th, 2019- Pictures This Week

We started the week by celebrating our Leader in Me Lighthouse Status.

Beginning with the end in mind!




We've updated our Innovation Lab.

Here are first grade students learning to code during their weekly class.

Think Win Win!


We've been working on our school garden.

Here are kindergarten students during their weekly STEAM class.

Begin with the end in mind!



We received a very generous donation from Goode Motor and their Spring golf tournament/fundraiser.

Our school walking path is coming!

Beginning with the end in mind!


We continue to have fun with friends at recess.

Sharpen the paw!


Preschool students with Mrs. Rose have been learning about nursery rhymes.

Here are students during a Humpty Dumpty STEAM lesson.

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs!



Students have been learning about working as a team during their weekly PE class.

Here are first grade and fourth grade students as they synergize!


Several of our classrooms have a mental health check in built into the school day.

Be proactive!


Fifth grade students have been working towards ELA standards/goals as they use Thinking Maps.

Putting first things first!



Students with Mrs. Kenyon have been working towards ELA standards/goals.

Begin with the end in mind!