Friday September 27th, 2019- Pictures This Week

We started the week with our monthly leadership assembly and we recognized our September leaders of the month.

A big thank you to The Habit for providing lunch!

Be proactive!


First grade students with Ms. Jolovich have been learning about addition equations.

Beginning with the end in mind!



We have students applying for school wide leadership roles.

These young ladies are leaders taking care of the leadership display case.



We love when students come to the office to share successes.

Here are kindergarten students sharing and reading sentences that they wrote.

Put first things first!


A big thank you to Office Depot and our community for such generous donations to our students and staff!


We have engineers in third grade.

Here are third grade students during their weekly STEAM class.



We love our school garden.

Think win win!




First and fourth grade leadership partners practiced reading skills together.

Begin with the end in mind!







Students love yoga during after school.

Sharpen the saw!




We ended the week with a fun Boys family night activity.

A big thank you to all the moms, aunts, grandmas, and even a few dads!

Sharpen the saw!