Friday November 22nd, 2019- Pictures This Week

This young lady was seen cleaning lost and found, without anybody asking.

Be proactive!


We had a very yummy Thanksgiving lunch.

A big thank you to Rivercrest Apartments for always being so kind to help serve food!

A big thank you to all the families that attended!

Sharpen the saw!


Every grade level has a bulletin board to highlight monthly progress towards their WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and to celebrate student successes. Fourth grade has working hard and is super proud.

Beginning with the end in mind!


Student lighthouse team members assist with updating our school lead measures as we work hard to increase our reading skills.

Beginning with the end in mind!


Kindergarten students tasted different pies.

Think win win!




Fourth grade has been working hard to increase their academic skills, particularly for the Spring ISAT.

Hashtag ISAT!

Putting first things first!


Kindergarten students are writers.

Putting first things first!