Elementary Grading During Soft Closure

While our schools are in the soft closure, for both on-line and packet student work, teachers will not provide our traditional grading on the standards-based report card.  Teachers will mark “not assessed” for our standards, as evaluating virtually has limitations making it difficult to accurately determine “grades”. If a grade is required, students will be marked as pass/fail.  Your child’s teacher will place a statement in the comment box to note why no grades are on the report card for 4th quarter.


Teachers will be providing meaningful feedback on student work, to students and parents, for assignments that lend themselves to this. Families can reach out to the teachers if they have specific questions about whether their child is doing work with accuracy. We are working hard to help students maintain the learning they had the first three quarters of the year, and only teaching new content when teachers feel it is able to be presented and manageable for students and families. It is our goal to provide learning opportunities without causing major stress for students and families. Families, we encourage you to do your best, but not to feel immense pressure. We realize that next year, teachers will need to start the year by instructing on some of the end-of-year standards from the prior grade to have students ready for the new year’s content.